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Happy 18th Anniversary to us!

Happy 18th Anniversary to us!

We did it! We made it to our 18th wedding anniversary!  That day is still so clear to both of us! It was kinda funny actually!  We decided we really didn’t care what anyone thought about us getting married... so we eloped!



Summerville, Georgia! It’s a small town. Everyone know everyone,  and the gossip spreads like butter on a warm biscuit .   We walked into the court house on Main Street... raining and all.  The judge, he was drunk... asleep and his secretary woke him up! He came out of his office wearing long black socks, boxers and a white tank top. REALLY! Hahah!  He quickly found out what was happening and quickly changed to something more appropriate.  

The judge was so drunk, he asked if we had any witnesses.. we told him no, so he said “well, looks like this is a shot gun wedding” Uh, no... no it’s not.

..... Fast forward 18 years, and that brings us current... 5 kids and a few moves, here we are is Utah! Far from Summerville, Georgia.




We celebrated by taking a Trax ride to Salt Lake.  Figuring out on the way up where to eat! We had a lot of options... but after looking what we wanted, Devin remembered a place called Pretty Birds Chicken!  



You can see that the food here is H U G E !!! Devin got the sandwich and I got the 1/4 chicken meal. We both decided to try it  “Hot” ... yeah, that was sooo hot! (But so worth it ) Although, next time, I’m getting mild!  

This was not disappoint... amazing food! Fun time! And worth walking in the cold!   

If you’re ever in Salt Lake City, Utah... we suggest going to Pretty Bird Chicken! You won’t regret it!  



The Melancholy Condition

The Melancholy Condition

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