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The Secret To Life

The Secret To Life


Back In December I was teaching a Class on Youtube and Amazon here in Salt lake. I was asked to teach this to the LGBT Chamber of Commerce. They asked me to teach this because l have pretty good back ground in the subject not to mention my back ground in Sales Marketing and Social media. Close to the end of the class. I started to sweat to me what seemed a lot. and i was having a slight pain in my chest. I ignored it and finished up my class and did the usual networking right after.  I said my good byes to these amazing people and business owners. As i started down the road and got in the middle of the amazing Utah drivers. The  pain that i had was gone but a tightness in the middle of my chest now seemed to starting. I was on the way to my wifes Shop to see her but on the way to her shop there is a hospital. the closer i got to the hospital the more i felt prompted to just stop in the have them check my blood pressure.  You know not like i am having a heart attack or anything just wanted to know if maybe my blood pressure was up. High blood pressure runs in my family. So just maybe this is what it feel like.  What do I know.  I proceed in the hospital emergency room i see the lady behind the desk and nicely and calmly ask her if it wasn't any trouble could they check my blood pressure.  she looked at me a little concerned and came around and put the cuff on my arm and the machine did its thing. I didn't look at it when it was done. With Deer in head light Eyes she calmly asked me if i would come back to the back to have a Doctor take a look at me. 

 With Deer in head light Eyes she calmly asked me if i would come back to the back to have a Doctor tayke a look at me.

As i walked in to my Now personal private emergency room  what seemed to be every Nurse and Doctor that was working in the ER that day came flooding in my room. Everyone with a job to do with the main doctor asking me questions on how i currently feel. and then telling each person to do something, 

So Here I am 39 Years old in the emergency room being hooked up to monitors of all kinds. Was i having a heart attack? Was the Hospital seeing me as a good pay check?  I have never felt this before. Will my wife make it to the hospital before i die. what the crap it is just a little tightness in my chest. 


So fast forward a few hours they now have transfered me to The University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. to which I get to spend the night being observed then in the morning i get an Echocardiogram CT scan and whatever else they feel i need. I get to sleep on the strangest most uncomfortable bed i have ever slept on. this is all amazing. 

The next morning i go through a bunch of tests you name it i think i have done it. I get to meet My new Cardiologist he comes in and says . Well Mr Youngblood You seem to have Hypertention. You didnt have a heart attack but you have very high blood pressure. t is actually amazing that you didnt have a heart attack or more amazing that your heart didnt just pop. you must have had this for a while because you have some thickening of your left ventral but that is to be expected since this seems to have been going on for a while. 

I didnt know i had this issue. but for a long time i would get what i thought was major Migraines. but it seemed that wasn't the case. 

He then told me that he wanted me to come see him in his office in a week and for me to take blood pressure medicine this should help control the issue. 

A week goes by i head to his office he tels me i am over weight. Yeah I knew that! he then tells me that If i want to live to be 55 l have to make changes to my life. Well  Yeah I knew that too. But knowing and doing are two separate things.  

He gave me my marching orders. do i be like a lot of people out there and just take my meds and sucum to what is to come or do i change my life and do what i have always know i needed to do. Yes its hard Yes it will suck sometimes. But do i want to see my amazing children grow up. live a long amazing life with the lady I love dearly. Dang strait I DO!

So now here we are Two and half months past my Wake up call. I had a Dr. Visit with my Cardiologist  and he Fired me. Yes he let me go as a patient. I didn't even know they could do that. But this was for good reason. He said i just need to follow up with my own family doctor now. There isnt anything else he can do for me. He said that I am not like the rest of what is in his waiting room I have and still doing what i was asked to do.  I have lost 20 pounds but need to lose more between 36 to 40 more. He  wants me to be 195 to 200 pounds. After looking at my chart tests and scans i dont have any blockages i have a healthy heart. and maybe one day i will be able to get off of the meds. By the way not many people do that. 

So Here I am 39 Years old in the emergency room being hooked up to monitors of all kinds. Was l having a heart attack?

So here i am I know the secret to Life. No it isnt like when i was a kid and teenager i would say the reason i am happy and care free is because I watch Cartoons. although that cant hurt. But the secret to life is to just do what you have to do the be happy and healthy. We need to stop and not worry about so mush what happens happens we have to just learn and move forward. 

I am happy to say that i have come out of all of this a better person





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