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She didn’t give me a kiss goodnight!

She didn’t give me a kiss goodnight!

      Out of all of the 17 going on 18 years of marriage that Shannon and I have been married. There has only been a few times we haven’t given each other a kiss goodnight. Of course you can’t count the times I have been out of town working. But even then we still say goodnight to each other either by text, phone or FaceTime that happens. The only other time is when we have had a pretty big fight. Yes we have had a few of those. Not many but a few. In any marriage they are going to happen. You have two people in the same house. Dealing with real problems you aren’t going to see eye to eye all the time. I will say it if you say you haven’t had a fight well it’s because you are either not being honest or being real with each other and keep crap bottled up inside or you are just a liar! Yes I went there. 


This time it was because we had a fight. Not a huge fight but one that I guess has her I love you switch turned off.  Now most fights usually happen for a few reasons. Money, kids, or feeling of neglect. Ours most of the time seem to stem from the first two, but more to the money. 


                                          “I’m a man and men are always wrong!”

So why didn’t she give me a kiss tonight? What did I say that upset her that she decided to forgo that kiss? To answer that it’s simple. I’m a man and men are always wrong! Hahaha no it’s actually a bit more difficult than that. Although I tend to think life is simple and can be handled with simple things. There are elements that require a little more than simple actions. 



A few months back we made the decision that I wouldn’t travel as much. This actually happened before some of my health issues. Which I’m getting in check by the way GO ME! But with that decision it would require somewhat of role changes in our home. I would work from home and Shannon would take the position of store manager at great animal grooming store.  Now I have taken the occasional contract job that required me to travel but it hasn’t been a full time gig. This way one of us is able to take the kids to all of the things the kids do. And I tell you what kids always have something that needs to be done. While working out of the house I have been able to focus on my own business. The hard part like any new start up you seem to be poor till it happens. For us it hasnt happened just yet. We make just enough to cover our bills but that’s pretty much it. That is where this argument has come from. We needed to go over our budget again to see where we can squeeze a few more dollars out of it to cover what needs to be covered. Shannon hates looking at the budget it can be depressing. I also know one thing about shannon she is a  patient person but with exceptions. And to be honest I think she is getting tired of working full time. Shannon has always been home with the kids. She is now seeing how it was for me to miss the things the kids did. I am seeing how cool it is to be with the kids and do the things that Shannon was able to do. Not that she hates her job but she is missing out on what the kids do. Also we don’t have the cash flow to do the things we use to be able to do. 



But we we are building a dream. I am creating things that not many people have ever had a chance to do. The rewards are coming but are still just out of reach. I will be turning 40 years old in just a few days. I don’t have much to show for it except a wonderful amazing family! And that’s about the best thing a person can ask for. But if we want to be financially set we have to sacrifice some things to get there.  The way I look at life is pretty simple. I trade my time talents and efforts to someone else to get the things I need and want. This pretty much goes for everyone. We in a sense are slaves to what we want and need. But with my business that I am building I will be able to break that horrible cycle. We as a family will be able to be financially set and debt free. But the hard part is it takes time. And I personally don’t want to be in my 60s working for someone else just to keep food on the table especially when I should be hanging out with Shannon our grandkids doing what we want to do! 

 So so yes she didn’t give me goodnight kiss, we had an argument about money! Will we get over it? Yes. Will we move forward and do what it takes to continue to have a great marriage? Yes again. Shannon is one of the strongest women I have ever met. She puts up with me and our five kids. She love us no matter what!  


For the record even when she doesn’t give me a kiss goodnight. That doesn’t mean I don’t give her one. Not one single night has passed other than when I was out of town traveling, I have always given her one usually on her forehead.  I do this because she is my wife I love her and by chance she knows I give her that kiss or not I know. I don’t want a night to go by without a simple  gesture of my love for her!

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