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You may be cool, But!

You may be cool, But!


You may be cool, but you will never be my dad wearing a cowboy hat! 

I find it funny and pretty the sense of style that my kids have and when I saw this picture of my dad back in the 1950s I see his style in my kids. 




Jacob has a sense of style like my dad. But still all of his own. It’s funny when I see old photos like that one of my dad and it reminds me of the things I see my kids do.  



It’s funny I think they get their great sense of style from my wife. She all ways know how and what to wear so glad I married a woman that has great style and taste. I’m she marrried me so that proves her impeccable taste.  


She didn’t give me a kiss goodnight!

She didn’t give me a kiss goodnight!

It's a YES!

It's a YES!