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One of the best Family activities

One of the best Family activities


As all family struggle to find things to do throughout the year and especially during the summer. All we have to say is Top golf is here to the rescue.  


We recently too too our family all the kids and all to Top golf for some summer fun. Now we aren’t experienced golfers we don’t play golf at all as a matter of fact. Devin has played 9 holes before but that was the extent of all of our cumulative experience. And in his words that was all it took! 

Top golf is more than the normal keep quiet-golf game you see on tv. It is an activity that is not just great for the business golfing escape but it is a great family fun place. No joke. This place isbuilor families to come in have fun eat great food enjoy  time together.  

With our family of seven   they were able to accommodate us.  Each booth is set up for 6 people to play although when we went both Devin  and Shannon still played but shared the same spot. They even brought out some special clubs  to fit Ethan. 


The food old is beyond amazing. We expected to have and see food that you would see at the bowling alleys but it was seriously better than many of your restaurants you have out there. We got the hot wings,  nachos, spinach artichoke dip, the pretzel platter and the doughnut holes.  The amazing thing about the doughnut holes is they come with injectable filling which make them amazing . We may go back just for this little amazing balls of wonder. 

‘But all in all this was an amazingly fun day  we highly recommend it to everyone. Go to and ring your location and have an amazing time with your family and friends. 

I Love my kid's , But I miss my wife, Kids change everything!

I Love my kid's , But I miss my wife, Kids change everything!