Hello, welcome to our life!

We are the Youngblood’s. We are a family of 7 from Tennessee making our life here in Utah. We love our Southern roots, but also love calling Utah home. We have really loved adapting to what Utah has, besides the driest climate and taking stock in lip balm and skin moisturizer companies, Utah has a lot to offer. Beautiful hikes, nature, amazing wildlife and seeing snow on the mountains, but not in the valley right before winter hits.

Our family is busy, and with 5 kids... we have no slowing down heading our way. Our oldest daughter, Parris is our future doctor. As long as we can remember, thats all she’s wanted to do. Up until the end of 2016, she was also very athletic, but due to a car accident she has had to stop doing a lot of what she loved due to a back injury. Jacob, our second born loves to play rugby. He plays for the 2nd top High School team in the U.S.A and the first ranked team in the state of Utah! I never pictured him playing rugby, but he loves it... and I won’t lie, I do too! ( I’m like the Southern mom of football, but instead the Western rugby mom... no matter how you look at it, I’m crazy ) ;) Elizabeth, the 3rd born in our “Social” butterfly, and by that, I mean she likes to stay in her room on her phone, if she’s not hanging out with friends, we also call her our Carb-a-vore, she loves carbs... I mean, REALLY, REALLY loves carbs. Logan, the forth born is our new sports player, just getting started in rugby this past Spring, and man is he good! Logan is also extremely caring with a heart as soft as Chairmin toilet paper... but also the most stubborn. ( He gets it from me ) And then we have the youngest, Ethan. Ethan is a mixture of all of the other four kid. Wild, crazy, loving, caring and just a fun kid to be around with remembers everything you ever say and will hold you to your word... for months! He doesn’t forget! Maybe he’s part elephant?

Devin and I have been married for almost 18 years. Those 18 years have been filled with the most crazy trips in the middle of the night and surprising the kids while in the car to our choice of vacation to... stressed and exhausted at no end! BUT, I would never trade these past years for any other life if it was handed to me on a diamond platter!

This is us! Enjoy our story. It’s only the beginning!